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Ryoji's place has become busy lately, since both Casper and Kitty drop by regularly. Usually they aren't around at the same time at least, and thus Kitty doesn't expect anyone to be around when she wakes up from a nap and raises her head, a ruffled mop of hair surfacing from under a pile of blankets and pillows that looked nothing like a child was sleeping under it.

For the moment, "surfacing" is saying a bit too much. Right now, there is only a pair of (as far as Casper can see) dark eyes peering out from the pile of blankets, observing the activity in Ryoji's bedroom.
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The first thing that Kitty does when her senses return is to run.

Run and run and run and run, and then hide under a chair for good measure. And then just cower there, shaking and hissing should anyone even try to come closer.

To most people, it will just look like a terribly upset black kitten hating the world, but those who can see through masks will notice that that isn't quite true. Because the kitten really has paws that just look a bit too much like hands, with prolonged digits, one of which could function as a thumb, and ears that sit too low on her head and are too asymmetric and flat tilted back to look right. If someone looks carefully, they will also notice gills on the kitten's flanks just behind her shoulders.

She'll hiss at everyone because fuck all of this, but she will only hiss for a few seconds if she knows the person. Probably. Maybe.
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One of the great things about having back a body - or well, the appearance of a body - that she can just walk among people with is that it makes acquiring blood so much easier. Not having to limit yourself to people who for one reason or the other won't remember you after limits the pool tremendously, especially when you don't want to consume legal or illegal drugs that way.

But now that limitation is lifted, and she's taking advantage of that with abandon, hunting half for the utter joy of the boundless possibilities. She's still careful, of course, still looking over her shoulder more often than might be necessary. But she's also way more into it than she would have been before losing her human looks.

And we're heading into nsfw territory now. )


Jan. 26th, 2017 08:46 pm
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Hajime decided it was time to do something about Malin. He didn't know her name, but he knew she knew far too much about him. She'd found where he lived. He couldn't think of anyone else who would have left those ridiculous books for him to find.

He looked long and hard for a suitable grounds on which to do battle. He found some Infrastructure, decided it was abandoned, and prepared to summon her there. Time to end this quickly and with no witnesses...

...only the summoning failed. The bits of reality he was tugging at wouldn't cooperate, and no enemy came. There would be no fight--not one that he was expecting, anyway.

He didn't realize the Infrastructure wasn't abandoned.


Jan. 10th, 2017 09:25 pm
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The evening after the market, starting just after sundown, a young woman is wandering around the city. She doesn't look like much - jeans, a hoodie against the cold, sneakers, slightly shaggy brown hair - and will try to stay away from the richer parts of town.

Sometimes she can be caught looking around in worry, studying the face of people that looked at her - Malin still can't quite believe that this collar is really working. That she really looks human again.

But she does. Looking down at her own hands, looking at her reflection, watching other people's reaction to her, she clearly does.

With time, she will grow bolder, even approach people - sometimes to just exchange a greeting with someone taking their dog out after work, sometimes to bother a promising looking person for a few dollars, sometimes to ask the way to a soup kitchen or a cheap club. Not that she wants to go to those places or really needs money, but she wants to try out this illusion and also... talk to people.


Dec. 12th, 2016 02:59 pm
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Starving. His Beast is starving, and Tobias knows it. As the days go on and he can't seem to find a decent something to feed on, he knows what's going to happen. He knows, and he tries to drag himself out somewhere in the middle of the night where he can sleep, far away from anyone he knows.

He doesn't make it very far. His Beast's exhaustion and need to feed catches up to him, and he holes up in an abandoned house at the edge of the Sixth. He doesn't have much on him, but that's more in case someone finds him and tries to rob him. He curls up against a wall and closes his eyes, dropping off to sleep.

And inside the realm of nightmares, the great hawk shrieks to the skies and bursts pasts its barriers to hunt.

[[ooc; How this log works: Post a toplevel with a general description of a dream your character is having. Tobias' Beast will come in and attempt to terrify your character. Those with dream-combat experience (like some Changelings) are likely to fend him off easier.]]

[[Please note that this will leave your character feeling restless and disturbed when they wake up if they do get spooked. If it goes particularly bad (or well) for your character, there are other effects that are possible.]]
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There were bad days and there were better days; today, she had been lucky and thus had all the night to waste. Or spend usefully, by finding out a bit more about this place. Her special interest, obviously, lies with the Kindred population, and she's found that they seem to be the most ...openly affluent in certain parts of downtown, so that is where she went. She's flying around, sitting down on the networks of cables and bridges above the streets, sometimes for longer, sometimes only a few minutes, and watches. Whenever she spots someone who looks like they might be undead, she follows them, a quiet shadow above, just below the strange contraptions, and then when they enter a house sits down again above, pondering the street. Waiting if more enter that house, or leave it.

There has to be an Elysium here, somewhere. Too many Kindred obeying the Masquerade not to. Not that she wants to go in, but she'd like to know the location. What she doesn't do - is too focused for - is watching out for familiar faces.
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After certain things go not at all as planned, Ryoji is a little bit exhausted. That's not as emotionally and physically draining as going to the Underworld would have been, but he's certainly in no shape to try after that or he may very well get stuck down there. Which would be very, very bad.

He is actually going to look for whatever might make people more 'real,' even if he's got no clue what that actually means. He knows something's off, can feel he's forgetting something, but for the life of him he can't figure out what it is or if it's even relevant to the current issue. There's some vague wanderings to the park, and he stops by the coffee shop for a desperately needed pick-me-up, and he goes to the library to get in touch with the Twilight Network. Looks like no one has a clue what he saw, but at least some people offered to keep an eye out for him.

Wherever you find him, though, there's one constant. He looks exhausted.
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Tobias sat on the picnic table, waiting for the guy he'd met to show up. His Beast is somewhat hungry, prowling in his soul, and he hopes that this will pay off. He seems like a hard guy to spook... he'd been excited by the idea of something creepy.

... Well, this would either pay off with a decent amount of fear, give him a new ally, or he'd be dead. The last of the options wasn't the best one, but he'd accepted long ago that he was going to end up dead sooner or later.

He'd just expected that he'd be one of the first. Whatever. He'd moved stashes from that building, and now that it was starting to get dark, it would be a good setting for a creepy atmosphere. Now it was just a matter of waiting and seeing what the outcome would be.
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1. Open (Nov 4th)

Searching the street at night for the wallets of those who are too passed out or otherwise unable to protest when one takes their money is a legit way to earn an income, surely. )

Still, the money doesn't last her long and thus she's out on the nightly streets again a few days later. She almost squeals in excitement when the first limp body that she finds still has its wallet, creepy as the corpse is. Because that is what it is, she notices. It isn't even the lack of breathing that tips her off, it is the unnatural lack of essence. As if someone forcibly removed it... Her head shoots up and she jumps to her feet and dive under some garbage bags that are piled up behind her, just in time as a woman turns the corner. She can hear the woman curse about children (?) and then some shuffling and rustling, and when everything is finally quiet again and she crawls out from under the garbage bags, only enough to peer down the street, stinking and shaken, the corpse is gone.

If nobody finds her there, she will quickly retreat then - not to any specific location, just to somewhere else, further away from the bars, and once a quiet corner is found, sit down there and try to catch her breath. "Drek," she whispers and closes her eyes for a moment. "Drek."

2. closed to Ryoji (Nov 5th)

In which we observe people before we speak to them. )

3. closed to NPCs (Okt 31)

Curiosity killed the cat, they say. )
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